7th ECPR General Conference
Sciences Po, Bordeaux
4 - 7 September 2013

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[Expand]P092Digital Government and the Data Deluge View Papers
[Expand]P099E-Diplomacy between Promises and Reality View Papers
[Expand]P178Internet and International Politics: Comparing Opportunities and Rising Challenges View Papers
[Expand]P237Partisanship and the New Media: The Effect of the Internet on the Stability of Political Attitudes View Papers
[Expand]P255Political Parties in the Digital Age: Has Everything Been Said? View Papers
[Expand]P271Public Opinion in the Internet Age View Papers
[Expand]P318The Cyberspace and IR – Conceptual and Theoretical Considerations View Papers
[Expand]P338The Impact of Digital Technology on Contemporary Repertoires of Contention View Papers
[Expand]P373The Role of Online Media in Politics View Papers
[Expand]P420Young Citizens’ Socially Mediated Voice in a Cold Economic Climate: Revising Equality and Online Participation View Papers